Deale Services Firm


Deale Services Firm
1. The link should take visitors to a Joint Ventures page that has a YouTube video link that we will fill in with a YouTube video late.

2. The link should take visitors to a Joint Ventures Page that has dummy text under the title joint ventures (as presented in a modern fashion on the other pages). Under the Joint Venture page title, the YouTube video should be displayed.

3. Under the You Tube page there should be five photo boxes and under each box the front page of a pdf. document should be uploaded. Under each of the five photos, there should be one photo box that says 8(a) joint ventures, WOSB joint ventures, VOSB joint ventures, SDVOSB joint venutes, HUBZone joint ventures.

4. Under the photo boxes and joint ventures, there should be a button that says Purchase All Now and under that button there should be a $99.00 value showing that all can be purchased for $99. Then members should be able to link to the paypal option in order to purchase the $99 contract suite package. There should be an autoresponder that allows people to purchase the $99 contract package.

We want to add a link at the top of the page and at the bottom of the page above the site map. The name of the page should be Joint Ventures and it should follow the same, design, color scheme and functionality of the other pages.

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