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We create a modern website design and development. We have a small team and
we provide a simple cost better, completely responsive website.



Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design gives you the ability to design web pages that adapt easily across all devices.


Safe and Secured

Our team assured your web site is always safe and secure.


Our Dedicated Support

We offer remote support and have a dedicated support desk fully supported by email.


Static Website Design

We Develop Dynamic Responsive website. Dynamic Website Best for Government, Corporate, Garment Industry, Real Estate, Buying House, Association, School, College, NGO, Persona, Business Consultancy Firm, Travel Agency, imports and exports Sectors.If you are looking for the best website Development Company in Bangladesh Contact right one.

Manage Images from within the system,
or externally through FTP.
You can edit the text using different font styles, sizes,
and colors as you go.
Add / Edit / Remove site Content with HTML skills.



 Basic Package

Corporate Package

Custom Package

Price: BDT 7,000

Discount BDT 5,000

Price: BDT 15,000

Discount BDT 12,000

Price: BDT 25,000

Discount BDT 20,000

Free .com/.net/.org domain

Free .com/.net/.org domain

Free .com/.net/.org domain

Free 500 MB Hosting

Free 1000 MB Hosting

Free 2000 MB Hosting

2 Email address

10 Email address

20 Email address

Number of Page : 05

Number of Page : 12

Number of Page : 25

Design Concept sample:01

Design Concept sample:02

Design Concept sample:03

Royalty-Free Images:05

Royalty-Free Images:10

Royalty-Free Images:15

Max Scanned Image:08

Max Scanned Image:20

Max Scanned Image:40

Page Content size: 100 KB

Page Content size: 150 KB

Page Content size: 200 KB Max

Content page size: A4 size

Content page size: A4 size

Content page size: A4 size Max

Flash Banner: 3 picture

Flash Banner: 4 picture

Flash Banner: 5 picture

Menu / POP Up Menu: 05

Menu / POP Up Menu: 10

Menu / POP Up Menu: 15

Development Timelines : 5 days

Development Timelines : 7 days

Development Timelines : 10 days

Renew Fee(Yearly): BDT 5000 4000

Renew Fee(Yearly): BDT 6000 5000

Renew Fee(Yearly): BDT 8000 6000

Individual Web Module Price

SN Individual Web Module Name QTY BDT US Doller
1 Online Feedback Form 1 2000 $25
2 Visitor Counter 1 1000 $150
3 Language Module(Without Bangla) 1 2000 $25
4 Every A4 size Content 1 1500 $20
5 Extra Royalty Free Image 1 100 $1.5
6 Extra scanned image 1 20 $0.3
7 Editing Image 1 50 $0.7
8 Flash Intro 1 5000 $70
9 Flash banner 1 2000 $25
10 Music 1 2000 $25
11 Weather 1 3000 $40
12 Google Map 1 2000 $25

Our Terms & Conditions

SN Support Charge (Within 48 hour support) QTY BDT US Doller
1 Design Change Support 1 8000 $100 per design
2 Content Change Support 1 2000 $25 per month(Max 2 times)
3 Content Change Support 1 4000 $ 50 per month(Max 5 times)
4 Content Change Support 1 8000 $100 per month(Max 12 times)
5 Content Change Support 1 25000 $330 per month(Unlimited times 10-6 pm)
6 Hacking / Virus / Malware Remove support 1 4000 $65 (1 Time)
7 Outlook Setup 1 500 (Team Viewer) $15 (Office Visit)
  • 1st Training(1 day): Free
  • 2nd Training: 300 BDT / per hour (Inside AR IT FIRM)
  • Training: 500 BDT / per hour (Outside AR IT FIRM)-After 1st training, if needed.
Payment Procedure:
  • Must be 60% advance payment for Static Website
  • 30% due payment before first revision of that project
  • And others 10 % due payment within 3 days after complete the full project.
  • Payment will goes to “AR IT FIRM” account pay cash/cheque.
We create a professional website.



Web Site Design &

AR Trade International provides web solutions including static web portals, dynamic web portals, e-commerce portals, and online news portals.



E-commerce has become a very popular business service as it enables both the sellers and buyers to buy or sell through web pages.


Web Application

We provide web-based applications and solutions, ERP, POS, HR ,INVOICE Management & e-Commerce portal development etc.


Static Website Design

A static website consists of a series of HTML css and javascript jquery files, each one representing a physical page of a website.


Dynamic Website Design

Dynamic Web Design Is The Key For Success Of Your Business. We have been in the field of dynamic web design for almost a decade.


CMS Website Design

A CMS is a full control dynamic web website. It is easy to maintain, update with better and simple control panel.

Reviews from Our Customers

Syed Sadat Ahmed

abn convention center
Great theme, with excellent availability of resources and flexibility to personalize any type of website. Congratulations on a theme!

Sabbir Hossain Papon

Flex fashion
Great theme, with excellent availability of resources and flexibility to personalize any type of website. Congratulations with theme!

Tapan Chowdhury

Square Group
Their service responded within a few minutes. So happy with this template and my customer loves it too! Will definitely use Ninzio themes again!

Md.Abdul Hamid

Hamid Group
Support took care of everything quickly and had us up and running within a few hours. Thank you so much for providing brilliant services. Highly recommended!

Md.Mahabubur Rahman

Trimtex BD
Excellent customer support. Quick reply and they solved the problem completely and saved me from having to rebuild the entire website. Thanks!